Resource Listing Requirements

Please note that resources listed at this web site must be GLBT-Friendly. At the least, that means that out gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender customers or consumers should be able to expect equal, fair, and appropriate treatment.

PA Diversity Network will make attempts to verify that listings are not only GLBT-Friendly but that listings extend effort, support, and expertise to GLBT customers and consumers, especially when the listing is a service provider in the areas of health, religion, legal advocacy, social welfare, and medicine. See further guideline information for these types of service providers, below.

This site seeks supportive listings. If you are considering listing on this site, please consider beforehand the ability of your organization or business to meet the specific needs of the GLBT community beyond just the willingness to allow this community to spend money at your business.

PA Diversity Network will investigate listings if they are reported by "out" community members as less than GLBT-Friendly. On rare occasion, PDN removes or rejects a listing that does not meet listing criteria. PDN reserves the right to do so.

If you have questions or want information on Resource Listings, please call PDN at 610-432-5449 or email

If your businesses or organization would like help improving or expanding its non-discriminination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, or if your group or businesses would like information on providers of same-sex domestic partner benefits, please contact PDN at its offices: 610-432-5449 or

Providers who are confirmed by PDN as GLBT friendly are listed as PA Diversity Verified GLBT-Friendly. This is not a certification of a particular provider’s skill, rather it is a label to identify those organizations, service providers or businesses that have been confirmed by PDN board members as GLBT-friendly based on experience or information from local GLBT community leaders who have used the organization, service provider or business as an "out" GLBT consumer. The designation of PA Diversity Verified GLBT-Friendly requires history and GLBT consumer confirmation.
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General Guidelines and Principles of PA Diversity Network
PA Diversity Network's Mission is to:
Foster strength and vitality in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Community by providing news, information, presentations, health programs, events and other services. This strongly includes working for equal rights and justice for GLBT people.

The PA Diversity Network works to bolster and encourage local GLBTA not-for-profit organizations that are working for the equal rights, health and welfare of the GLBT community, by helping to circulate event and program information for these groups, at no cost to the group through the GLBT-Infoline, the Valley Gay Press, and the PDN Resource Web Site.

PDN works to educate the GLBT and mainstream community on issues of GLBT discrimination, equality, justice, tolerance and civil rights.

PDN encourages for-profit-businesses to support the not-for-profits working for GLBT equality, advocacy and support. PDN especially supports businesses that have a history of supporting local GLBT not-for-profits or that makes a specific effort toward GLBT outreach.

PDN encourages organizations to sign on to the VGP/PDN statement of Non-Discrimination**.
Click here to see statement of non-discrimination information.

PDN will not support organizations that discriminate against minorities and/or women by excluding classes of people from participation due to prejudice.

PDN recognizes that some religious organizations and churches have long histories of discrimination against the GLBT population, but may still say GLBT people are welcome. PDN also recognizes that a growing number of churches and congregations do fully include the GLBT population. Therefore, PDN will only support churches or congregations that ordain non-celibate GLBT clergy, and that perform same-sex marriages.

PDN expects employers to have explicitly stated non-discrimination statements that include sexual orientation and gender identity and expects businesses to give equal benefits to same-sex domestic partners. PDN supports groups working to encourage businesses to achieve those policies.

PDN / VGP reserves the right to reject certain articles or columns or listings for the web site.

In all cases PDN begins with the premise that being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and/or Transgender is a healthy, normal, positive way to be.

PDN presumes all organizations or businesses seeking representation in PDN resources agree that the GLBT population is entitled to equal rights and protections under the law and that people who do not agree with these basic principles of fairness, are wrong.

Further more, PDN strongly believes that while people are entitled to believe in prejudice and discrimination, to worship in congregations that support discrimination, ignorance and hate, to have negative opinions about the GLBT community that result in marginalization, and while Valley Gay Press/ PDN would never advocate for the removal of equal employment, housing or marriage rights of people who feel this way...
There is no moral or ethical requirement to respect discriminatory choices or opinions.

PDN supports education and information that dispels ignorance, hate and unfairness.

PDN encourages all GLBT people to be out and honest about their lives and feels that it is the safest way for GLBT people to live. PDN feels that encouraging people to stay in the closet is negative for the GLBT community.

PDN recognizes that the adult GLBT population has a moral obligation to provide support and role models for GLBT youth by being out, being honest, being healthy, being informed and voting in every election for the equal rights of GLBT people.

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