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Liz Bradbury created the Valley Gay Press in 1998 and is the managing editor and publisher. She writes several columns and features each month including Liz Out Loud, What's That About, Pop Quiz and the Valley Gay Press Book Review. She selects the Quotes on the Back Page. She edits the entire paper, takes many of the photographs and designs, compiles and sets the paper for printing each month.

Liz Out Loud by Liz Bradbury
GLBT rights column

Edited and answered by by Liz Bradbury
Answers to the important questions GLBTA readers send into the paper.

Liz also writes:
Local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender News, GLBT Local Civil Rights Action, Investigative Reporting, Good News and Successes in GLBT Advocacy, Things the Local GLBT Should Know


By Scott Laubner alternates monthly with “A Little Bit of Healing”
Scott Laubner is an Allentown native who recently moved to New York City.


“A Little Bit of Healing”

by Phil Healing, alternates monthly with Scott Says -
Phil Healing and his husband Kindall Goble formally lived in
Allentown until the lack of marriage equality and GLBT civil rights
forced Phil (who is a UK citizen) and Kindall to return to England
where their relationship is legally recognized.


By Steve Libby
Steve writes about GLBT pop culture and what’s happening now!


By Sue Sneeringer
Sue writes about GLBT happenings and theater arts in Berks County and the Lehigh Valley, and the world.


Planet Parenthood by Donnie and Earl Snyder

By Donnie and Earl Snyder
They write about being the openly Gay parents of their son, and other parenting issues.


By Dr. Patricia Sullivan
Cutting edge researched reporting on GLBT issues.


Adrian Shanker Commentary

By Adrian Shanker
Commentary on important LGBT issues in the community, the Country and the World.


Blind Truth
by Kathleen Prime


By Liz Bradbury
and occasional guest Quiz Masters



by Nicole Hollander

Offered in the VGP by special permission of this nationally syndicated cartoonist.


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