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Infoline & Web Site Mission
"Encouraging a more informed, healthy and strong Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) community by providing an information phone line, resource web site, referral service, expertise, advocacy and other support services to the community at large." TOP

WHAT THE INFOLINE and WEB SITE DO -- Referrals, Support, Information, Advocacy

The GLBT Infoline and PDN's resource web site began in 2004 as ways to link the Greater Lehigh Valley and Berks County GLBT community with support, information and GLBT-Friendly resources.

Over the years of the GLBT Infoline's existence an obvious pattern of calls has established and underscored what kind of help and information the local GLBT population most often seeks.

Calls asking for referrals to: GLBT-Friendly lawyers, doctors and therapists top the list of referral requests.

Other people call (or scan the web site) seeking referrals to everything from a GLBT-Friendly realtor to a GLBT-Friendly dog groomer. Or to simply ask where the local GLBT bars and clubs are, because they are new to the area or the community. The Infoline can provide information to a growing list of over 200 local GLBT-Friendly service providers, organizations, groups and businesses.

GLBT people also frequently call the Infoline asking for GLBT support group information, and help finding healthy, positive ways to meet people or become involved in the local GLBT community.

Callers also contact the Infoline with problems or questions about GLBT civil rights, discrimination and bias. The Infoline and PA Diversity Network may be able to provide suggestions, information and resources that can help with the caller's problem.

Pennsylvania Diversity Network
GLBT Info-line

And some people call just to be able to talk to a sympathetic GLBT person for a while.

The PDN GLBT Infoline receives an average of 300 calls a year.

The Infoline is answered
by GLBT volunteers. These volunteers have been professionally trained by a PDN Board Member from the Crime Victims Council.

This web site is also managed by volunteers.

PA Diversity Network is a volunteer driven not-for-profit organization.


To Sign Up As A Resource
Please fill out the "Resource Form".

It is possible that a PDN representative will call you to verify your information, especially if you are a health or legal service provider. If you would like to speak with someone about your listing, call the PDN offices at 610-432-5449 and ask to speak with PDN Executive Director Liz Bradbury.

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NOTE: The resource form is not an instant post to the Internet -- volunteers will carefully check each submission before PA Diversity Network will publish the information. Someone will contact you if there are any questions about your submission. TOP

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INFOLINE: 610-432-5449
PDN Offices: 610-432-5449
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P.O. Box 22902, Lehigh Valley PA 18002-2902
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