Valley Gay Press Deadlines

Valley Gay Press must receive information, press releases, features and columns in the appropriate format by these dates to appear in the next issue. Please follow “Guidelines” when creating press releases for the Valley Gay Press. Click here to see the guidelines.

Deadline Dates are generally the 18th of the preceding month for all issues except the July - Early August issue and the Late August-September issue!
The hard copy paper comes out 6 times a year every other month: The deadlines are: December 18th for the January-February Issue; February 18th for the March-April Issue; April 18th for the May-June Issue; June 8th for the July--Early August Issue; August 8th for the Late August--September--October Issue; October 18th for the November --December. Please follow the PDN Facebook page to read the latest information on deadlines for the VGP.

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